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About dr. rodney king 'coach'

My closest friends call me an outlier!

How I live my life is confusing to most people I encounter: at least for those who have become unconsciously reprogrammed to be self-obsessed by the modern world.

That’s not to say that everything about modernity is bad—but in our pursuit to outdo each other—we have lost sight of what is truly important (and what I refer to as) our human animal spirit. We have been mislead to what success truly is. Here success in the modern world is mostly defined by acquisition, competition, and self-absorption. This isn’t success, but rather personal and collective tyranny.


Since my earliest memories I have never been able to fit into the machine, the status quo. I have always been an outlier for as long as a can remember. While this placed me mostly on the outside of modern societies normativity—not being a conformist I have been able to carve my own path to flourishing—while simultaneously being able to play and survive in the conquest mentality of the modern world. I have done so without having to resort to competition, greed, and self indulgence.

But that isn’t to say my life has been easy….

I am a survivor of both mental and physical abuse by those closest to me my Mom, and on the unforgiving streets of government housing on the South Side of Johannesburg. As such, I can tell you that simply trying to turn your problems around with what modernity says will make you happy is largely ineffective. I tried for years to turn my mental anguish around by trying desperately to play by the so-called ‘rules’ of modernity, yet with little or no success.

I continued to make little progress until I began to realize that I was going about personal change and transformation the wrong way Instead of trying to make positive change in how most in the modern world suggest you should, I realized that it was only possible if you did the complete opposite to what modern society says you should to be happy. Ironically to achieve the outcome I wanted, I had to honor what made me different, my innate wildness.

In a way the Human Animal Project is coming home. Coming home to what I intuitively knew as a child I needed in order to flourish. As such, the Human Animal Project is culmination of my life’s work integrating the most important lessons from over three decades as a martial arts teacher, embodied philosopher, and environmental psychologist. It’s an experience that I returned too as an adult to overcome the roadblocks in my own life.

In doing so, I have integrated findings from my research as a social scientist where I studied mindfulness-in-action from an embodied perspective, as an environmental psychology researcher studying the role nature plays in healing, along with my own personal embodied practice, and lessons form teaching martial arts. Added to this I have brought back the philosophy of life our hunter-gatherer ancestors once lived buy—but within a modern context.

My 9ndings have brought me to a profound realization that by returning to our human animal nature, by honoring our instincts and engaging personal transformation through our primality, is the most effective way to flourish in the modern world. In other words I get to choose how I want to show up in the modern world, while knowing what I can and cannot control.

What I teach is that held within our body’s natural intelligence (i.e., our primal history) — lies the keys to lasting fulfillment. I write ‘fulfillment’ here on purpose, instead of ‘happiness’. Happiness from my perspective is often momentary, whilst fulfillment is long term. Fulfillment leads to

Unlike the prevailing Western Pollyanna notion of happiness, fulfillment doesn’t mean the search for a life free from stress or the bad things that happen to us. Rather it is through embracing, molding, shaping and learning directly from our distress and not running away from it: that poise, focus and clarity is possible.

The Human Animal Project is a personal development tool and mastery program explored through the lens of embodiment and movement, while fully reconnecting to the healing-code of the natural world. It’s an experience that not only honors but brings forth into the present, the life lessons of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

As such through the Human Animal Experience you will discover the positive application of your primal nature in service of overcoming obstacles in all areas of your life.

“Because we think in a fragmentary way, we see fragments. And this way of seeing leads us to make actual fragments of the world.”